Redefining Food Habits

Restoring Sanity to Health, Weight loss, and Nutrition

I am happy you are here!

You are in the right place, online and in real life. Wherever you are in your health journey is where you need to be, and it's okay. But since it is a "journey", you need to keep moving, and that's why you are also in the right place online. I am glad that you found me, and I want to help you restore the sanity back into your journey to health and freedom.d.

Who am I?

I am a food addict. Recovering for many years, I have come to some conclusions about food addictions. One, the addictions never go away completely, and two, there are ways to work around them that allow me to be healthy. 

That is what I want to share with you. Perhaps you are in the same situation as me and have some extra body fat. Or maybe you are afraid of eating, and you need a little more body fat. My mission is to help you put sanity back into your health and nutrition habits, regardless of what body size you are.


Am I qualified to show you how to overcome your food addictions and transform your eating/nutrition habits? That's up to you to decide as you read through the content here. 

I have personally researched nutrition since 2004. Since that time, I have uncovered a multitude of diets, theories, medical research, alternative theories, and more than you ever want to know. It was enough to make my head spin. But, it brought me to the place I am at now--eating real food, avoiding foods that make me sick, and wise enough to recognize my stories around food, weight loss, and nutrition. 

If you don't think I am qualified to be an authority on this topic, then I wish you farewell and good luck on your journey!!