Redefining Food Habits

Restoring Sanity to Health, Weight loss, and Nutrition

Redefine What is Possible

Food addictions start out innocently enough. Something traumatic happens in childhood, or even adulthood, and the person will have a favorite food to help alleviate the stress and pain. Another event happens, and the person turns to the food that made them feel better, and so on. The cycle repeats itself until a new habit is formed. Left unchecked. this can turn into an addiction. If the addiction goes on long enough, the person will more than likely put on a large amount of fat and weight. 

Western civilization has gone crazy about weight loss, diets, nutrition, and food in general. Most people have no idea what is the right or wrong way to eat, and don't even know that they don't know.. They follow current dietary advice, or they follow their own plan--sometimes--and it usually leaves them feeling frustrated and upset.

The current prescribed solution for this problem is usually medical intervention, in the form of weight loss surgery, or gastric bypass. This may not always be a good idea, and can have serious, sometimes lethal, consequences. 

What if you could, instead, redefine how you view food, health, nutrition, and even weight loss? What could you do with a new definition? 

This is my mission--to help you redefine what is possible in your own journey to health and freedom. You may weigh 600 pounds, or you may weigh 90 pounds. If you are at your ideal health, I have done my job. 

Look around and see what is there for you. Does it fit? Great! Does it not work for you? Throw it out. You are in charge and you decide your own journey. I am only here to help you REDEFINE what is possible!

Are you ready to start your journey?

Start your new journey to healthy and sane living

Are you ready to get started on your journey? Do you find yourself in the grips of a food addiction and you cannot seem to get out no matter what you do? Do you just feel like giving up?


There are several things you can do instead of give up.

One, re-create what is possible.

What does this mean? If you've always believed what you were told about health and nutrition, and you have it in your head that you cannot break out of your addiction, then you will stay stuck in your addiction.

If, on the other hand, you decided that maybe what you've been led to believe isn't actually the truth, you can start discovering the truth. You can then create a new reality for your health based on the new information. What is possible? Whatever you want.

Two, learn how to cook.

This may seem counter-intuitive. You may already know how to cook. You may even be pretty good at it. I am referring to learning how to use flavor and seasonings to create healthy food that is satisfying and elevated than what you may be used to. My theory is that when healthy food is elevated to new heights, food addictions (especially to sweets and fried foods) can begin to disappear.

Three, get outside help.

If you struggle with food addictions and cannot deal with it on your own, you may need to ask for help from an outside source. The best place to start is through a health/wellness coach. Coaches work with you to empower you to create your own plan, with guidance, and to stick to it. Think of them as a cheerleader of sorts--they are always on your side and will keep you accountable to what you say you want to do to get healthy. 

However, when you have more serious issues due to poor physical or mental health, then it would be better to seek out medical or psychiatric help. Coaches can still work with you in accordance to your treatment plan, but they cannot diagnose or treat you for serious issues. 

Ready to start your journey?

If you are interested in a health or wellness coach, use the contact me form, and I will get back to you within 24 hours to see if this is the right action for you.